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HighT-Tech is participating a new $4 million DOE-EERE project, teaming with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to scale up the UHS manufacturing of oxide-based electrolytes and solid-state batteries, which are intrinsically nonflammable.


The project will transform the current batch process for fabricating and sintering solid oxide-based electrolytes into a continuous process. This project will also integrate the NMC cathode, electrolyte, and anode into full cells and scale them up from the current button cell (≤10 mAh) to ≥ 1 Ah and ≥350 Wh/kg.


11/2021, R&D WORLD

Our study on UHS rapid sintering (Science 2020) has won a prestigious 2021 R&D 100 Award in the Process/Prototyping category. 

Established in 1963, the R&D 100 Awards is the only S&T (science and technology) awards competition that recognizes new commercial products, technologies and materials for their technological significance that are available for sale or license. The R&D 100 Awards have long been a benchmark of excellence for industry sectors.

11/2020, ARPA-E

HighT-Tech is participating a new ARPA-E project with UMD to leverage a newly invented, ultrafast high-temperature sintering (UHS) method to perform fast exploration of new environmental-thermal barrier coatings (ETBCs) for 1300°C (2372 °F)-capable refractory alloys for harsh turbine environments. UHS enables ultrafast synthesis of high-melting oxide coatings, including multilayers, in less than a minute, enabling rapid evaluation of novel coating compositions. By using UHS with fast-fail tests and modeling and analytics tools, the team will be able to explore hundreds of compositions and coating architectures to design and optimize 1700°C (3092 °F)-capable ETBCs with different layer sequences, thicknesses, porosity levels, and novel compositions.


09/2020, ARPA-E

Pipe-in-Pipe by Rapid, Continuous, Smart Alloy Coating

HighT-Tech is participating a new ARPA-E project with UMD to develop a smart alloy coating for use in pipe-in-pipe configurations with the patented high-temperature sintering process.


A novel smart alloy coating is rapidly sintered with a high-temperature Joule heating bar directly from the alloy powders in approximately 10 seconds. The coating can be scaled to meet commercial market demands due to its high sintering density, mechanical strength, and self-healing properties.


05/2020, Science

Science Cover Article on Ultrafast High Temperature Sintering (UHS)

Our paper “A general method to synthesize and sinter bulk ceramics in seconds. (Science 2020, 368, 521-526.)” led by the Co-Founders of HighT-Tech LLC is selected as the cover image for Science, which introduces an ultrafast high-temperature sintering (UHS) process for the fabrication of ceramic materials by radiative heating.  

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